Mastering The Art Of Coffee: How To Do It Right

If you really want to get into the profession of making coffee, it is no longer simple like in the good old days where a chirpy personality, up to date resume and a great smile was all that was required. The people in the profession today ranging from coffee roaster to journalist are all dedicated, highly skilled and well experienced. If you really want to get into the art of coffee making here are some of the ways in which you can successfully do so.

So where do you start?

It can happen two ways. One is that you can approach a good coffee shop and express your interest in learning about the art of making coffee. If they place you for work you will initially be given jobs such as shadowing, expediting and the likes until you prove with consistency that you are capable of making quality drinks. The other way is to start off by doing a barista course which is now available with several highly recognized bodies. But just because you have the certification it does not mean that you will get a bar shift. You need to prove that you can make quality coffee even then for you to be placed at the bar.

What can you expect to learn in your certification?

During the time of your studying to become a professional coffee maker you will be taught normal skills such as how you can be hospitable, how your manners should be towards other employees and customers and the likes. In addition, there are also more specific skills such as how you can learn to properly “dial in” the coffee or how you can correctly operate a eurocave wine fridge. At the end of the study program you will be equipped with all the knowledge that you really need to make it work but the practical application remains entirely in your hands.

What contributes to making a great coffee maker?

You will need to be able to create great quality drinks which can only come from a genuine passion for coffee. You will also need a good palate because after tasting, you will need to adjust brewing recipes as they should be to feel really good. Next, you need to be hard working and energetic because you will be expected to stand for long periods of time without looking like you will pass out any moment. After these have been met you need to have the usual workplace ethics, punctuality and other characteristics usually expected at any job.